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Rollo Tomassi is a guest on The People's Square

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EPISODE #26 - Emotional Tampons (w/ Rollo Tomassi)

Sep 28, 2017156 minutes

This week we're joined by Red Pill godfather and philosiphizer, Rollo Tomassi. We discuss the 3rd volume of his Rational Male series, Positive Masculinity, and its four main themes: Red Pill Parenting, The Feminine Nature, Social Imperative, and of course, Positive Masculinity. We also throw in some hypergamy, war brides, alpha vs. beta males, and ovulatory shifts.

For Hour 2, aka Biz' Biz, we take a stance on the NFL taking a knee, Moore vs. Strange, the new healthcare bill, Trump's nationalism and how it's affecting the WORLD.

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