The People's Square - Tony Hovater and Nick Talk Solidarity w/ Eric Striker and Borzoi

Nov 23, 2018137 minutes

Solidarity today, solidarity tomorrow, solidarity forever

The People's Square - Stormking and Borzoi Talk Kaczynski

Nov 17, 2018108 minutes

The industrial revolution and its consequences

The People's Square - Rational Male

Nov 10, 2018121 minutes


The People's Square - Roosh

Nov 9, 2018134 minutes

Striker speaks with Roosh about Poland, the history of game, incels, and his censored book. Also Borzoi was there.

The People's Square - Traditionalist Western Art

Nov 3, 2018126 minutes

How to speak art

The People's Square - Pilot

Nov 2, 2018128 minutes

We should have called it Red and Yellow

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